3 Trends In Higher Education

Discover the future of higher education.

In June 2017, Cialfo went to Long Beach for the annual HECA 20/20 Vision conference. To commemorate HECA's 20th anniversary, we created this book explaining the three trends in higher education that we think will have a major impact on the future of learning. They are:

  • online learning 
  • the rise of liberal arts
  • the gig economy

In case you were wondering...

Who even wrote this book?

This guide is brought to you by the fine folks at Cialfo. We're the most powerful university guidance platform in the world, working hard to fix the way counsellors collaborate with students and coworkers.

Why did you pick these three trends?

They were selected by the Cialfo team as being especially important to us as former freelancers, liberal arts majors, and online students. They are also topics that we've been asked about frequently.

Can I download this book and read it later?

You sure can. When you download the report, you'll receive a PDF copy of it to take anywhere. Print it, forward it, or share it with your friends and co-workers.

Can I ask you to write about something else?

By all means! In fact, we’d love that. Shoot us a message at hello@cialfo.co, and we'll consider it when brainstorming our next book or article.

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